Most 3D porn previews found on is recorded in anaglyph format. Why? because i think anaglyph gives the best 3D effect for the price it costs. A pair of anaglyph glasses can be made at home or purchased for under $5 (delivery included). Also, anaglyph glasses are commonly distributed for free on several occasions (like with magazines, for TV-ads, games, 3D movies,…).

What is anaglyph
Like all 3D movies, anaglyph smut is recorded with a 3D camera with 2 lenses, with a distance of 63 mm (2.5 inches) between them. The left and the right movie stream is put trough a series of filters so that the outcome  has a special set of characteristics.
The viewer has to wear a pair of glasses with colored lenses. The color of the lenses is picked in such a way that the left eye will see the movie recorded by the left lens and vice versa (i've seriously simplified this, if you want to know more, visit wikipedia).

Altough those red/cyan (or other color codes) glasses are cheap (or easily made), there are a couple of downsides:

  • it's not fun to wank to a 3D porn movie wearing cardboard glasses
  • it's not easy for those of you already wearing glasses (i know from my own experience)
  • the colors are not that very good

Where to get glasses
using google:

If you have negative (or positive) experiences using the links above, let your fellow pornsurfers know by using the comment section at the bottom of this page

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