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3xstar is a three part website, next to 3xstar itself, you also get access to Pornstars in your face, teens in your face, and teens in your face. Recently they added a mobile version of their site, suitable for all types of smartphones and tables (ideal for 3D smartphones) Altough the membership fee is a little higher than we're used to, it looks like the content is fresh, abundant, hot and sexy. And it looks like these guys film their own content in real 3d, so you can watch the movies on a PC with nvidia, on a HD 3D TV, with anaglyph glasses or even with the crosseyed method… Great!!! A great plus is that these guys recently added a dirt cheap trial…

they offer:

  • many different formats (anaglyph, real 3d, …)
  • HD, regular, 1080p,…
  • 3d AND 2d versions
  • biweekly updates
  • mobile proofh
  • sizzling hot models
  • several niches (general sex, milf, teen, anal,…)

they cost

  • $39.99 for 30 days => $1.34 a day
  • $84.00 for 90 days => 93 cent a day

click here to check it out for yourself

* rating explained:

defenition rating
updates (0 = never updated/ 5 = updated daily)
unique content (0 = all purchased/ 5 = all shot by owners)
real 3d content (0 = 1 set 3d porn/ 5 = only 3d porn)
multiple formats (0 = only anaglyph/ 5 = anaglyph, nvidia, 2D,…)
amount of porn (0 = limited/ 5 = loads and loads)
browsability (0= hard to navigate/ 5 = easy to navigat)
price/quality ratio (0= sucks/ 5 = great)
overall impression (0 = nah/ 5 = excellent)

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previews of 3d porn, hardcore and softcore. Mostly anaglyph pictures and movies using 3D glasses, but also crossview porn is reviewed