3d site review

Why would you join a paysite?

  • the amount of free 3d/vr porn on the web is very limited, paysites have bigger amounts (and all the porn is in one place)
  • The quality of the porn is MUCH higher with a paysite compared to (for example) the previews on this blog. Also, they give you access to the FULL movies.
  • It’s just fair, the guys making this porn have to earn some money (or they’ll stop making porn, and that would be a shame)
  • Sometimes you get access to a full porn network (including 2D porn)
  • It’s cheaper to buy a membership for most sites than buying 1 soda or beer a day

3d/vr pornsite review list

my rating
cheapest price (in $/day)
full review page
Czech VR9/10hardcore0.461 - 2 - 3Czech VR review
Sex Like Real9/10hardcore0.641 - 2 - 3Sex Like Real review
Tmw VR9/10hardcore0.321 - 2 - 3
DDF Network VR6/10hardcore
VR Bangers9/10hardcore0.271 - 2 - 3
Virtual Taboo9/10Fetish0.27
CzechVR Casting8/10Hardcore0.45
CzechVR Fetish8/10Fetish0.45
VR allure9/10Hardcore0.16
VR Hush9/10Hardcore0.18
Naughty America VR9/10Hardcore0.31
Real Pornstars VR9/10Hardcore0.62
Real Teens VR9/10Hardcore0.31
Virtual Sex World8/103D animations0.19
Porn Films 3D7/10hardcore0.53
Gloss Tights Glamour6/10Fetish0.5
Dorcel VR9/10Hardcorepay per video
VR footfetish8/10Fetish0.27
3D eros7/10Asian0.96
virtualpee8/10Fetish (pissing)0.16
Fantasy Girl VR8/10Hardcore0.32
Stuffed VR8/10Hardcore0.32
Stuffed VR8/10Hardcore0.32
VR Latina8/10Latina's0.18
VRLove8/10CGI (computer generated)-
Virtual Real Amateur porn8/10Amateur-
Virtual Real Gay8/10Gay-
Virtual Real Passion8/10Hardcore0.16
Virtual Real Porn8/10Hardcore0.19
Virtual Real Porn7/10Trans0.21
Virtual Real Porn9/10Asian0.21
Reality lovers8/10Reality0.32
TS virtual lovers8/10Trans0.32
3d/vr pornsite review list

How to use the review grid (what do you have to keep in mind)?

  • The site name always contains a link to the tour-page. Check it out if you’re interested (tours are always free).
  • my rating = a personal rating, doesn’t have much value in the real world
  • Anaglyph/polarised/nvidia/VR = Very important. If you only have those red/cyan glasses laying around, make sure you only join a paysite that offers ANAGLYPH porn. If you want to spend some money on an Nvidia set or a 3D TV, make sure the site you join also offers Nvidia or polarised porn (would be a shame to spend money, and only be able to watch your porn with those red/cyan glasses).
  • Real 3D site = very important. If a site is NOT a real 3D site, they only have a very limited amount of 3d porn in their member area (usually only 1 or 2 fotoshoots as a test, or for a special members request). If the value is set to YES, the site has a bigger 3D porn collection
  • Softcore/hardcore. Don’t join a hardcore site if you only want to see naked babes, but no penetration. If you’re into hardcore porn, make sure you don’t join a softcore porn site. Also, if the site only focuses on a specific niche, it’s noted in this field.
  • Cheapest price = CHEAPEST price!!!! If you join for a short time, it’s usually (a lot) more expensive. My philisophy about this is, that when you join a site you like, chances are that you’ll stay member forever (compare this to a playboy subscription), so it’s normal to pick the best value for your money
  • Samples = If available, free samples will be listed here (limited to 3 samples maximum)

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