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Like many adult websites, this website makes use of cookies for tracking purposes…
There are two main reasons why we use cookies:
* When you sign up for a paysite, this site has to know who sent the visitors (i get a percentage of every sale i make, that is how i pay for this website)
* I also keep track of your movements and details while surfing this website, so i can make the experience better for everybody…

The first kind of cookie can be cleared by emtying your cookies on your browser (altough i preferred if you didn’t… If i don’t make any money on this website i’ll have to close it down sooner or later).
The second kind of tracking is monitored by google analytics… They have their own privacy policy, but i can assure you it’s pretty strict… If you want to read it, check it out! Google TOS

Actually, that’s all… We don’t collect your data, we don’t mail you, we certainly don’t resell any data we would have about you (we have no data to begin with, so it makes it kind of hard to resell the data in the first place).

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