problems watching video

Dear visitor,

When visiting my site, you’ll notice a lot of VR preview XXX videos that can be watched for free. The problem with most of these videos is their size. I make very little money on this site (it’s more a hobby than anything else) and i simply cannot afford to host 2-3 Gb video clips that get watched dozens of times a day.

Most of you might not realise this, but hosting is still quite expensive… Especially hosting videos.

The way i solved this, is by searching sponsors that host the XXX VR demo videos on their hosts and let me stream the content from my site. The downside is that each sponsor uses his own software to let me stream videos. Some of these softwares are quite straightforeward, others are really complex. At the moment, i’ve counted more than a dozen different streaming applications on my site, so it’s possible they might not all work seamingless for every use on every device! Also, i’ve noticed some sponsors use lower grade bandwith or slower media servers than others. This is completely out of my controll i’m afraid.

The biggest tip i can give you: disable your adblocker! It looks like about half of the software video players start behaving strange with some of the most adblocking tools. I don’t put popups on my site, so disabling your adblocker won’t throw you into a popup hell, it’ll just show a couple of banners littered around and that’s it.
I personally don’t care about adblockers. People using adblockers are people that have a low chance of buying stuff anyways, so i don’t care if you use an adblocker on my site, but in this case using an adblocker might decrease your viewing pleasure.