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What is this all about?

Dear visitor,
A little explenation on the how's and the what's of this blog… Years ago, i was an adult webmaster (a guy who makes pornsites), but i left the business because i lost all my websites in a servercrash… Now, many years later, i saw an article about the first 3D pornmovie coming out… and i checked the internet to see if there was any free 3D porn… Man, i was dissapointed! I made it my quest to post 2-3 daily anaglyph 3D pictures, movies, picture sets or handy links (how to make your own 3D glasses, how to use crossview, which websites are worth some green, which one's to keep clear from) and everything FOR FREE!!! All the porn was given to me for free by the guys who try to sell you this stuff… having said this: these guys always have more, longer and better quality pictures and movies in their member area than the one's they gave me… 😉 
I joined a couple, just because when i really tought about it, it only costs like $1 (0,6 € for a european like me) a day, you sometimes get a pair of free glasses, and more 3D porn than you can whack off at…