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AGE: 26
HEIGHT: 167 cm
WEIGHT: 58 kg
HAIR: Blonde
INTRESTS: dancing swimming
COUNTRY: hungary Nightlife loving Adriana is a professional dancer. Blurring reality with her natural angelic look, she works hard on making her dreams come true – to build a dance academy for children. We are sure that, with her perfect body, she will be luring some daddies for lessons, too!

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Adela's BIO
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 164 cm
WEIGHT: 52 kg
HAIR: blonde
INTERESTS: animals, dancing C
OUNTRY: portugal
Adela has become a little star on the erotic scene who still enjoys the fun she is having here. Enjoy this uninhibited babe doing what she likes, going nude and driving you crazy.

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AGE: 19
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WEIGHT: 59 kg
HAIR: Blonde
INTERESTS: Swimming, billiards…
COUNTRY: Czech Republic

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