important: why are there less updates nowadays

Hi guys,

I just wanted to make this post to explain why there are only 5 or 6 updates a month nowadays, while about a year ago there were 5 or 6 posts a day…

It seems like 3D porn is here to stay, there are a couple companies out there that continue to make really high quality 3D porn on a fixed shedule. However, it seems like the market was a little to small to make 3D porn profitable for the amount of 3D porn producers that were out there.
This is why, over the last year, a lot of 3D porn companies stopped shooting 3D porn. Their websites are still online, but they produce no more movies.

For exactly this reason, i’m short on 3D material. So, i can only make 5 or 6 posts a month, instead of 5 or 6 a day. But rest assured, is far from offline, i’ll keep updating as long as someone is producing legal stereoscopic porn!

For your reference here are the websites currently online (that i know of)

Here is the list of sites i would recommand:
POVcentral (really nice guy, produces 3D porn on a really regular basis, and is thinking about starting producint 4k porn… Really hot models to)
Penthouse (“normal” 3D porn, updated several times a day!!! but they don’t give out promo material for my site)
MC-nudes (only anaglyph softcore porn, NOT suitable for a 3D tv, only for those red/cyan glasses)
Deepstars3D (cool 3D movies, HQ, nice owner)
Deepthroats3D (cool 3D movies, HQ, nice owner)
dear abby (he stopped for a while, but re-started, he has a really nice amateur prospective for his work, you join 6 sites for the price of one!!!)
adult4d (irregular updates, but it seems they still do update once in a while)
bullettime (they sell their shots on an individual basis, so it’s not important wether they update or not)
candygirls (they update their 2D section on a regular basis, and have quite a few anaglyph 3D updates, so i’m told ;-))

These sites are still nice, but no new content is being added… If you join them, make sure you stop them from rebilling, because nothing new will appear on their sites)

Sites i wouldn’t join myself:
stopped updating years ago…

Sites i’m not to sure about
3dwowmovies (they did update regularly, but stopped a couple of months ago… Maybe they just towned it down for a while and maybe they’ll start updating again soon???)
3d-eros(their website is so hectic i don’t know if they update???)
pornfilms3d They update a couple times a year, but i never know if it’ll be the last time… Very friendly and honest guys running this site tough
sexteens3d I’m not sure about this guy… Either he updates in the next couple of weeks, or he’s going into the “no updates” list pretty soon
Vstroker An adult sextoy, combined with (possible) 3D porn movies from a couple hot pornstars

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