Ashley Hazell’s Bonus Girl Scout Visit (3D)

It was cookie selling season all over again and extra small Ashley Hazell wanted to get ahead of the other girls in her troop. How you might ask? Why, a visit to Steve Awesome’s house of ill repute, of course! Steve pushed Ashley’s head down and onto his rigid member wasting no time at all in loving the feeling of her 18 year old lips locked against his shaft. Pumping her mouth with his hips only took a few minutes until he was amped to play with her little pussy. Steve took no time in slipped off Ashley’s uniform before they even started playing around. Steve loving slid his finger into Ashley’s tight little pussy and watched her 18 year old face for reactions of ecstasy. Ashley Hazell quickly prepared her pussy mentally as it self-lubricated while she maneuvered her open cunt and slowly swallowed Steve Awesome’s hardened cock within her. A few vigorous pumps sliding up and down Steve’s rod and Ashley was immediately orgasming at every stroke!

Ashley Hazell's Bonus Girl Scout Visit (3D)

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