In case you want the best results on your brand new 3D TV, it might be a good idear to test one of these 3D blu-rays, some people even chose an anaglyph 3D porn DVD over a 3D pornsite membership for the ease of use, quality and/or extra features.

I tried to list all 3D DVD’s, Blu-rays,… purchasable at this time. If you find certain titles on the web that are not available in my list, don’t hesistate to leave a comment, and i’ll try to rectify the situation ASAP! Also, it’s a big task to keep this list up-to-date, if you find anything wrong, leave a reply and i’ll fix it 😉

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Vintage and old movies (sometimes VHS instead of DVD or streaming!!!)

Title year newly available price real 3d? Free glasses
13 Erotic Ghosts In 3-D 2005 YES $12.21 anaglyph yes
Best Of Burlesque 2004 YES $18.74 anaglyph no
Best of City girls 2D & 3D 2003 NO anaglyph + 2D no
Blonde Emmanuelle 1978 NO anaglyph no
emmanuelle – il volo del desiderio ? NO anaglyph no
emmanuelle – intime passioni 3d ? NO anaglyph no
emmanuelle – regina delle galassie ed. ? NO anaglyph no
emmanuelle – un mondo di desideri ed. ? NO anaglyph no
emmanuelle – un momento per sognare 3d ? NO anaglyph no
Four Dimensions of Greta 59.99 YES $59.99 anaglyph no
Girls: Wet & Wild in 3D [VHS] 1995 YES $12.95 anaglyph no
In The Crack – 3D Version VHS Video 1995 NO anaglyph no
M 3-D: The Movie/The Playmates 1975 NO anaglyph no
Playboy – City Girls 2D & 3D 2003 NO anaglyph no
Sorority Girls 3D 2010 YES $13.89 anaglyph no
Sorority Sisters 3D 2010 YES $13.69 anaglyph no
the click 03 la collana della lussuria 3d ? NO ? anaglyph no
the click 04 – le torbide voglie della segretaria 3d ? NO ? anaglyph no
the click 05 – agente 0014 operazione sesso ? NO ? anaglyph no
the click 06 – l'ossessione erotica del dottore 3d ? NO ? anaglyph no
the click 07 – ai confini del piacere 3d ? NO ? anaglyph no
The groove room 3-d 2004 YES $2 anaglyph streaming yes/no for streaming
The Stewardesses 3D 1969 YES $20.50 anaglyph yes
Wildcat Women 1976 NO anaglyph no

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