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Dear, Loyal visitor,

After looking trough my server logs, if found out after almost 200 days of posting articles, i only receive 300 unique visitors every day (some days a little less, some days a little more).

IF you help me make this number of visitors higher, i'll reward you with posting more 3D porn on this blog:

  • i'll keep posting 3 daily porn updates as long as the counter stays below 400 unique visitors/day
  • i'll post 4 posts/day if i get between 400 and 500 unique visitors/day
  • i'll post 5 posts/day if i get between 500 and 600 unique visitors/day
  • i'll post 6 posts/day if i get between 600 and 700 unique visitors/day
  • i'll post 10 posts/day if i get more than 1000 unique visitors/day

How can YOU achieve this:

  • remember that YOU have the power to change these numbers (if everybody thinks somebody else will do it, nothing will happen in the end)
  • bookmark this website, come back every day
  • send the link to your friends/collegues (use if you don't want them to know you're surfing for porn)
  • talk about in forums, social networks, chat sessions,…
  • use the social bookmarking toolbar at the bottom of every post (just click the buttons of the services you're a member of)
  • send sexy e-cards from (surf to a picture you like, and click the link at the top)
  • participate in this site, leave comments, click links,…
  • post your own finds of legal 3d porn in a comment

The rules of this offer:

  • i'm talking about real visitors, no bots, no spiders,…
  • you are only counted one time a day, returning 5 times in one day only counts as one unique visitor
  • i'm talking about weekly averages, only if the weekly average exceeds the treshold, i'll start increasing posting frequency
  • The visitors have to be real and interested, this is counted by looking at the amount of pageviews (a visitor that only visited this site for 5 seconds and saw 1 page isn't really interested, is he?). This is counted by the pageviews. I need at least 3 pageviews for every unique visitor

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